WFLA Golf: The Green Classics Sets New Standard for ESG Advocacy

The Green Classics tournament held recently at the prestigious Ikeja Golf Club, marked a significant milestone in promoting environmental sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices using the game of golf

The event, organized by Walk for Love Africa (WFLA), a pan-African project under the A.U. foundation brought together over 100 golfers, business leaders, and sustainability advocates to raise awareness and funds for environmental initiatives in Africa.

Highlights of the event were a golf tournament featuring eco-friendly practices and sustainable scoring systems

and a networking reception promoting sustainable business practices

WFLA Chairperson, Toni Ukachukwu emphasized the organization’s commitment to driving sustainability using sports as one of its pillars under tourism. “We are proud to lead the charge in promoting sustainable Intra Africa travel, tourism and trade by pioneering environmental initiatives.

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Ukachukwu who is a golfer himself said ‘We identified golf as one of the platforms to drive sustainability because it’s a sport that boasts of business leaders and technocrats from all walks of life’.

The inaugural Green Classics is just the beginning as we plan to make it a pan-African event.

The event’s success sets the stage for future initiatives, solidifying WFLA’s position as a leading advocate and promoter of sustainability and ESG in Africa.

The Green Classics enjoyed corporate support and partnership from leading sustainable brands and multinationals who made both the tournament and networking dinner and trophy presentation a memorable one.

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L-R Toni Ukachukwu Organiser WFLA-Golf, Yomi Egbe, Sunday Alli (winner) James Ngaga, Country Manager Kenya Airways and M.I Okoro

The star prize for the winner of the tournament went to Sunday Alli who received a return ticket on Kenya Airways to any destination in Africa


Wole Shadare

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