Nigeria, UAE visa standoff to end as Tinubu seek resolution

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has directed that the standoff between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Nigeria over the issuance of visas and outstanding face-off with Emirates Airlines be resolved.

The President offered to personally intervene on the two issues so that people-to-person socio-economic relations between the two countries could resume.

Amb. Salem Saeed Al-Shamsi with President Tinubu at the State House


Tinubu spoke on Thursday during the presentation pf Letter of Credence by the UAE Ambassador to Nigeria, Salam Saeed Al-Shamsi at the State House.

Just last year, the UAE immigration department notified its trade partners and travel agencies that it was stopping visa applications from 22 countries, 20 of which are African nations.

Concerning Nigeria, UAE authorities said all applications were on hold until issues between the UAE government and the Nigerian government were resolved.

In August 2021, a viral message on Twitter showed how some Nigerians were held against their wish and maltreated at a Dubai airport, in spite of carrying valid travel documents.

Indeed, some Nigerians were suspected to be engaged in criminal activities, such as cybercrime. This led to new visa rules, including age restriction and a visa regime that focuses on family.

Wole Shadare