NCAA issues licence validity extension to airlines, crew, others


  • Give priority to backlogs, digital processes, AON

Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has granted extension in validity of licences of Air Crew and other critical operational staff in response to the COVID-19 shutdown.

Not a few believed that the decision by the aviation regulatory body to suspend issuance and processing of Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and other related certificates to aviation personnel may reduce operational airplanes and qualified pilots from taking to the skies after the end of Coronavirus pandemic.

The NCAA in a letter to aviation industry stakeholders titled, “COVID-19 outbreak: Industry communication from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) signed by the DG, Capt. Musa Nuhu dated April 1, 2020 stated that inspections and audit paid for by clients are suspended until June 30th, 2020.

The aviation regulatory body equally stated in the letter that no new applications or on-going applications shall be processed during this period for AOC certificates, approved Maintenance Organisations (AMOs), aircraft type certificate acceptance, aircraft registration and related, modifications and repairs, airworthiness certificates, maintenance clearance certificates among others.

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The agency advised all existing operators/owners intending to renew their approval certificates and C of A/MCC during this period must submit applications and proof of payment electronically to the relevant officials.

The letter further stated that no applications for extensions of maintenance intervals shall be considered during this period except for essential and emergency flights approved by Hadi Sirika, the minister of aviation.


According to the letter, inspections, checks, and audits paid for by clients are suspended until further notice.


For validity of personnel licences, NCAA stated in the letter that no new aviation personnel licences will be processed or issued during the luck down period.


Meanwhile, the umbrella body of airlines in Nigeria, Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) has expressed appreciation to the Director-General of the agency for your kind consideration in granting an extension in validity of licences of Air Crew and other critical operational staff in response to the COVID-19 Shutdown.

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In an appreciation letter signed by Chairman, AON, Captain Noggie Meggison appealed to the NCAA chief to give priorities to the backlogs and also simplify by digitalizing the processes for approval to modern day technology.

“We acknowledge the proactive changes you are bringing into the CAA and we hope thiswill be sustained during your tenure”, the operators stated.


An aircraft engineer, Sheri Kyari said Nigeria needed to be smart and borrow a leaf from what the South African Civil Aviation did.


“What they did was to extend almost everybody’s documents by two or three months; that is if you have an aircraft that is due for airworthiness renewal, it means you can still airworthy for the next three months but that is predicated on the fact that your storage maintenance is doing well”.

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“The industry will have to have this approval of staff going to these airlines to ensure that storage procedures are carried out. Those machines will still be airworthy despite the fact that they may have elapsed airworthiness renewal but operationally, they will still be airworthy”.

“Where we have issues is going to be issues of medicals. If we are looking at the end of this crisis in about two months, may be two weeks to the time, a proper arrangement can be put in place by aero medical centres to commence medicals for crews and pilots”.


Wole Shadare