Boeing to cut 2,000 jobs in 2023

  • Plans to recruit 10,000 employees in engineering, manufacturing roles


The US aircraft manufacturing giant, Boeing has announced plans to cut nearly 2,000 white-collar jobs in finance and human resources, highlighting that some of the jobs will be outsourced to contractors in India, according to CNN.

he planned redundancies will largely target office staff. Meanwhile, the company plans to recruit 10,000 employees in engineering and manufacturing roles.

“We have and will continue to communicate transparently with our teams that we expect lower staffing within some corporate support functions so that we can focus our resources in engineering and manufacturing and directly supporting our products, services, and technology development efforts,” Boeing stated, stressing that it will continue to support the affected employees and provide assistance and resources to support their transition.

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The layoffs come only days after the company’s recently announced plans to recruit thousands of employees as it ramps up production to meet the rising market demand.

According to media reports, some of the jobs will be outsourced to India’s Tata Consulting Services, while other tasks will be completely removed by streamlining and simplifying processes.

Similar to other stakeholders across the industry, Boeing was not immune to the impact of the global pandemic and its implications.

In 2020, the airframer has laid off nearly 20,000 employees, bringing its total workforce to 141,000 employees in a bid to offset the pandemic-induced drop in demand for aircraft.

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Nevertheless, as the global demand for air travel continued to recover, the company has grown its workforce to 156,000 employees in 2022.

One of Boeing’s assembly plants

Boeing’s European rival, Airbus announced in late January it plans to recruit more than 13, 000 new staff across its global business in 2023 to support the company’s commercial aircraft ramp-up and meet challenges in the defence, space, and helicopters.

Wole Shadare