Boeing plans B737 crucial recertification flight June 31


***Resumes aircraft type production in May

Aircraft giant, Boeing has made plans to carry out a crucial 737 Max recertification flight by the end of June, 2020 according to reports.

Unnamed sources familiar with the matter have told CNBC that Boeing has created a flight plan designed to demonstrate the 737 Max’s updated flight control software, which has been the subject of debate since two Max’s crashed over a year ago.

Boeing resumed production of its 737 Max in May after a temporary freeze that came in in January.

Boeing’s Max this year has suffered a number of setbacks during its grounding including a reduced order book after airlines and lessors cancelled hundreds of orders amid the costly coronavirus crisis.

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The Federal Aviation Administration told CNBC that the authority is in regular contact with Boeing.

“The manufacturer must demonstrate compliance with all certification standards,” it said. “The aircraft will be cleared for return to passenger service only after the FAA is satisfied that all safety-related issues are addressed.”

Boeing declined to comment on its recertification plans.

Wole Shadare