Aviation unions decry planned cover up of sleaze in NAMA

*Decry Ministry’s silence over graft

The major labour unions in the aviation industry,  have collectively expressed shock and dismay over what they described as non challant attitude of the ministry of Transportation over the huge financial scandal rocking the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), and several top officials of the agency.

The unions stated that the massive fraud which came into the public domain since February 12, 2016 was not new but only a confirmation of the position of the unions which had repeatedly stated that NAMA and indeed most of the aviation parastatals were riddled with corruption.

Speaking on condition of anonymity,  a top official of one of the unions averred that the position of the Ministry of Transportation on the issue was less than satisfactory and too compromising taking into consideration the magnitude of the allegations.

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The unions expressed fear that perhaps there may be attempts by the Ministry to shield these arrested officials taking into cognisance the fact that some top ministry officials may have benefited from this huge financial sleaze.
The unions further alleged that the inability of the ministry to interdict the officials more than five weeks after they were arrested by the anti graft agency,  the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission  (EFCC),  further lends credence to the fact that there must be some high level cover up going on behind the scene.
  The unions have therefore threatened that any attempts to frustrate the trial of these officials and cover up the massive and criminal looting of the Agency will be met with stiff resistance.
The unions have further promised to embark on a peaceful demonstration this week to express their disenchantment over the inaction of the ministry of Transportation.
The unions therefore advised the Minister & the Minister of State to show greater interest in the issue because it strongly believes that some bureaucrats in the ministry were hand in gloves with some corrupt personnel and were wrongly advising the Minister’s in total disregard of public service rules and against public interest.
They wondered why a sensitive agency such as NAMA which provides critical services for the safety of the Nigerian airspace is left without a substantive Chief Executive nonetheless an acting Chief Executive that can take key decisions for the Agency.
Wole Shadare