Airbus nominates new Commercial Aircraft business CEO

  • Scherer to report to Faury
  • Nomination to ensure dedicated operational focus


Aircraft maker, Airbus has announced a leadership evolution in the Executive Committee, establishing a dedicated head at the helm of the Commercial Aircraft business.

This has seen Christian Scherer become Commercial Aircraft Business CEO.

Airbus CEO, Guillaume Faury said since 2019, the leadership roles of Airbus and its Commercial Aircraft business have been combined, providing alignment and speed of execution during a period of multiple crises and change, adding that Airbus has now put itself on a clear trajectory in line with its purpose of ‘Pioneering sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world’.

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Christian Scherer

“Empowering Christian in the Commercial Aircraft CEO role will enable us to reinforce the focus on the success of our Commercial Aircraft business while allowing me to dedicate my time to steering Airbus in a complex and fast-evolving global environment,” said Guillaume Faury, Airbus CEO. “Christian and I have been working hand in hand over the last five years and we will continue to do so in this new configuration. I admire Christian’s business acumen and I’m happy to move forward with him to deliver on Airbus’ ambitions.”

“It is an honour and a thrill to be called upon to lead our Commercial Aircraft business at such a critical time for our industry,” said Christian Scherer. “I’ll put my passion and that of Team Airbus at the service of our customers to meet our operational objectives as we work to consolidate our success, continuously improve, and prepare the future of our products and services. As we do so, we will work closely with our partners and suppliers worldwide on our common roadmap to decarbonise aviation.”

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This new organisational set-up will be established in the next months in collaboration with the Company’s social partners, with a target go-live in project mode from January 1, 2024, onwards.

Wole Shadare