Xejet, all business class airline gets AOC

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA has issued the Air Operators Certificate, AOC to Xejet. The new premium airline after the completion of the certification processes received the document at the NCAA office at the Murtala Muhammed International airport, Lagos.

Xejet plans Business class seats only operations.

Capt. Musa Nuhu, the Director-General of the NCAA during the presentation of the AOC said: “I must say, to go through this certification process is not an easy thing. I am aware that effectively this process took almost 1 year? Having gone through this process, we are elated and delighted because what that means is that you have brought yourself to compliance in conformity with our regulations. The issuance of this certificate means that you have complied with the requirements.”

The DG who was represented by Godwin Balang, the General Manager, Air Operators Certification and Surveillance emphasized that “This is one of the critical elements of the activities we are required to do as an authority which is certification. Now you are going to go into business. Immediately we give you this certificate, what we expect is that you keep to those standards.”

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Mr. Emmanuel Iza, the Accountable Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Xejet (left) and Engr. Godwin Balang, the General Manager, Air Operators Certification and Surveillance of NCAA during the presentation of AOC to Xejet in Lagos.

Capt. Toyin Lawani, the Certification Project Manager also persuaded the new airline to put up good operations going into business. “To maintain an AOC is not as easy as the acquisition because, from the moment you receive the certificate, you are expected to keep improving on your operations and maintenance processes. We are guiding you at Xejet in order for you not to make mistakes in your operations. You must try and become an exemplary company in the industry so that even  NCAA will refer to you as a good example.” 


In response to the remarks, Mr. Emmanuel Iza, the Accountable Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Xejet said: “I really appreciate all the efforts put into this. It has been a learning process for us at Xejet. We have done it only once and I appreciate all the feedback. It is Seven years, two months, and two days from the day I started the journey of Xejet and to the glory of God, today we have come to this milestone.

“I still cannot believe it. I just want to say thank you. I also want to say that the covenant we have made to keep to safety and compliance and standards to be good ambassadors of Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority is not something that we put on paper alone but it is something that we intend to and I personally intend that those standards are being abided by. I know you have been thin on manpower but you are able to deliver within a short possible time. 

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 Iza also mentioned according to the carrier’s mission: “The key effort being made is to provide travelers with an enriching experience at a relatively affordable price. Xejet wants customers to experience the benefit of a private jet with personalized service within the comfort and safety of a commercial airline.”

Wole Shadare