TAAG Angola, union reach truce, end strike

TAAG Angola Airlines and the Pilots Union reached an agreement. After a new round of negotiations, the strike formally ended.

TAAG is now rescheduling the global flight plan (domestic and international routes) to accommodate passenger needs, as this process may take 2 to 5 days to be fully implemented.

Despite all pilot’s availability being restored the aircraft leased concerning TAAG’s contingency plan will continue to operate.

TAAG Angola

The goal is to accelerate the back to normal and accommodate the passengers’ travel agenda, mainly in the most demanding routes.

TAAG call center and shops will contact passengers about their flight plans and customers can also reach those services for any issue related to their travel agenda. “TAAG is strongly committed to improving the working conditions of employees, assure excellence in operations and greater customer experience.

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Thus, the sustainability of the company’s growth plan is a major task which we have been putting effort into since this Administration took office.” said Ana Major, TAAG Chairwoman.

TAAG Management Board and the entire teams appreciate the understanding of passengers and customers throughout this process.

Wole Shadare