NAMA fosters cooperation with Nigerian Air Force to enhance airspace safety

In a bid to bolster security across the country and airspace safety, the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) is solidifying its cooperation with the Nigerian Air Force.

The Managing Director of NAMA, Engr. Ahmed Umar Farouk on Thursday engaged with the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar on the need for deepening collaboration during a courtesy visit to the Nigeria Air Force chief at the Nigerian Air Force headquarters in Abuja.

Chief of Air Staff, Air Vice Marshal Hassan Abubakar and NAMA MD, Engr. Umar Ahmed Farouk in a handshake

Farouk affirmed the ongoing partnership between NAMA and the Nigerian Air Force, recognizing the critical role the Air Force plays in safeguarding Nigeria’s airspace.

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He expressed appreciation for the existing cooperation and expressed eagerness to explore new avenues for mutual benefit.

The NAMA MD emphasised that strengthened collaboration between the two entities was pivotal in enhancing airspace management, safety, and security nationwide.

On his path, Air Marshal Abubakar underscored the importance of maintaining a steadfast commitment to the partnership, emphasizing its significant impact on the safety and efficiency of Nigeria’s aviation sector.

Additionally, the Air Marshal urged NAMA’s cooperation in achieving the final accreditation of the Air Traffic School Training Centre (ATSTC) in Kaduna.

This accreditation, he stated, will contribute significantly to bolstering manpower and capacity within both the Nigerian Air Force and civil aviation.

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The Director, of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, Abdullahi Musa in a statement noted that the partnership between NAMA and the Nigerian Air Force represents a shared commitment to ensuring the safety and security of Nigeria’s airspace.

“By fostering collaboration and pursuing innovative initiatives, both organisations aim to elevate the standards of airspace management and enhance the overall aviation landscape in Nigeria,” he added.

Wole Shadare