How over 200 litres of water discovered in Max aircraft tank, NSIB to probe incident

  • How providence saved aircraft from accident


The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) would commence an investigation into how over two hundred litres found its way into the aircraft of Max Air B737 aircraft.

A top official of one of the agencies in aviation told Aviation Metric that the Director-General of NSIB, Akin Olateru, an aircraft engineer is determined to get to the root of what could have been a major air disaster.

The Max Air aircraft was scheduled for Maiduguri but made a stop in Yola when the crew noticed that some parameters of the aircraft were not functioning well.

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The source disclosed that the aircraft would have crashed had it proceeded to Maiduguri without the necessary check to observe what was happening.

The crew, it was gathered trouble-shoot the aircraft several times to restart but all to no avail.

After that, they tried to use the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to restart all to no avail: an indication that the engines of the plane were in preparation to shut down.

“It was through divine Providence that a major accident did not happen. Accidents do not just happen; it is a chain of events that cause air accidents. I have never in my life and as an aviator or aircraft engineer of over 25 years seen such quantum of water in the fuel tank of an aircraft,” a source close to the airline told our correspondent.

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Again, there is unease over aircraft regulation of recent which has equally raised concern about airline operations, particularly MAX Air which frequent safety infractions are well documented.

When contacted, Olateru confirmed that although the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) had commenced a proper investigation into what happened, he said his agency would equally look at the circumstances surrounding what happened.

Max Air’s B737 airplane

He said it is in the purview of the NSIB to inquire exactly how huge volume of water was found in the fuel tank of the MAX Air’s airplane which has concerns about jet A1 storage by aviation marketers and the airlines.

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It also calls to question the storage of jet fuel and how to ensure it is not contaminated either from the source or from the carriers.

Wole Shadare