Firm invests multi-billion Naira to capture helicopter operations in Nigeria

The Federal Government’s desire to boost revenue generation from the aviation industry has seen huge investment in the acquisition of mobile radar, tracking devices, body-worn cameras, and fully equipped control rooms amongst other support that will capture and relay data for Helicopters flying in and out of Nigeria.

The exclusive rights granted to an indigenous firm – NAEBI Dynamic Concepts Limited for the collection of helicopter landing levy at all aerodromes, helipads, oil rig platforms and other facilities in the country, is expected to trigger a paradigm shift.

Granting access to the company’s officials by stakeholders/players in the respective facilities will guarantee full compliance and optimize the expected gains.

The Federal Government is sparing no efforts at enhancing the collection of revenue for sustained economic growth and development from identified value chains. Significantly, this move will help develop the non-oil sectors of the economy, which are less clobbered by external volatility.

There are over 250 such facilities across the country. To tap into the opportunity, the Federal Government in the last administration granted the exclusive right to an indigenous firm: NAEBI Dynamics Concepts Limited for the collection of helicopter landing levy at all aerodromes, helipads, airstrips, FSPOs, FSOs, oil rigs platforms in Nigeria. That approval was reaffirmed by this administration.

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The exclusive right was conveyed by the Federal Government in a letter signed by the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Mr. Festus Keyamo dated April 25, 2024. Titled:” To All Operators and Stakeholders of Civil Helicopter Operations in Nigeria”. Keyamo urged operators and stakeholders to fully comply with the mandate by granting total access to Messrs. NAEBI Dynamics Concepts Limited, for the collection of the levy effective immediately. Non – compliance with the directive, Keyamo said will constitute a breach of the mandate and will be met with appropriate sanctions.

The minister said:” The Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development will enforce compliance without exception and will pursue all available remedies against any party that fails to adhere to this directive. “Please note that the Ministry of Aviation will be monitoring compliance with the mandate closely and will take swift action against any violation.”

Speaking on the matter, Keyamo said in the past, millions of dollars had been lost due to poor regulation of the collection process. The minister said the company, NAEBI Dynamic Concepts Limited, got the current administration’s nod because it had already been considered by the immediate past administration, for the job and was already doing a good job.

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Keyamo said: “I inherited the process from my predecessor. It is a good deal; so, I had to grant them the rights because before now, the nation had lost millions of dollars.

“Nigerians believe that helicopters have been flying and landing all over this country without paying anything; they were not effectively monitored.

.“Government is a continuum, and if you see a good idea, you accept it. It is not everything I will cancel.

“So, there was no reason to suspend it because the company said they would help us to collect fees from the helicopters through a PPP arrangement.

“The company will put the infrastructure in place, employ personnel and remit to the Federal Government. So, everything will be going to the Federation Account and the company will get their cut.”

Speaking on efforts to scale up its operations, NAEBI Dynamics Concepts Limited a few months ago acquired additional equipment to enhance its service delivery.

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of NAEBI Dynamic Concepts Limited, Mr Chike Stanley stated that the move to re-fleet its equipment profile is part of the Company’s strategy to ensure it achieves its objectives on job creation and fulfilling its mandate of generating revenue for the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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An official of the equipment company in the United Kingdom – Mr. Martin Head stated that its company is working with Messrs. NAEBI Dynamic Concepts Limited and the Federal Ministry of Aviation & Aerospace Development to achieve the tracking of Helicopters in and out of Nigeria from the Control Room. He confirmed the reliability of the Equipment describing it as very robust and innovative with a unique software which would aid comprehensive and accurate investigation of the Company’s operations.

Speaking more on the efforts to consolidate its service delivery, Stanley said NAEBI Dynamic Concepts Limited will be acquiring a mobile radar to help cover low-level flights from 5000 feet above sea level with high-density cameras and other technological devices to be deployed to the area.

Wole Shadare

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