BASL moves to decongest apron, to apply slot system for airlines

  • Renews hope for regional operations from MMA2


In a bid to decongest the apron, the management of Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL) has concluded plans to deploy technology to map out a slot system for the airlines including the removal of unserviceable airplanes on the active apron at the Murtala Muhammed Airport 2 (MMA2).

Head of Aeronauticals, BASL, Remi Jibodu while speaking with the media at the weekend in Lagos said, “You mentioned the issue of apron congestion. We are almost completing the apron expansion. That should be done this week or next week.

MMA2 airport terminal, Lagos

“Secondly, we have some unserviceable aircraft at the apron. We have about five or six unserviceable aircraft on the active apron which we have discussed with the airlines and in conjunction with some other airlines because the major problem is that they don’t want to move it to the graveyard.”

Jibodu further stated that the terminal operator had fashioned a solution where Aero Contractors and others could keep their unserviceable aircraft away from the apron while sharing the costs amongst themselves and where nothing happens to their equipment.

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He equally disclosed that BASL was equally mulling the same slot technology for airlines to space their departure time from clashing

“Majorly, it is for us to organize these things properly it is not that the apron is that small; everybody doesn’t fly at the same time and we have a lot of flights going in and out every day. We are trying to use technology in terms of parking. We can use the slot system and we can arrange people properly and that is why we are particular about the regional operations. “

He reiterated that they have been having a strong collaboration with the airlines and providing them with advisory at a very high level.

From left, Head, Aeronautical and Cargo Services, Murtala Muhammad Airport Two, (MMA2), Operating by Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited, Mr. Remi Jibodu, Head Corporate Communications, Mrs. Ajoke Yinka-Olawuyi, Chairman, League of Airport and Aviation Correspondent, (LAAC), Mr. Olusegun Koiki and Head, Aviation Security, Mrs. Monica Oguta during the courtesy visit to the League of Airport and Aviation Correspondents, (LAAC) and the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos. Photos Isaac Jimoh Ayodele

“What we have noticed is that in your timetable; for instance, on the time table, you have for instance 6.40 am departure, you are opening your counter at 5.30 am, automatically, that flight is delayed because 5.30 to 6.40 am is less than two hours. How do you want to depart an aircraft at 6.40 am? It is not possible.”

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I have already demonstrated to the airlines that they cannot do this. It is either you want to open earlier or if it is too early, the passenger cannot come too early. We need to look at all these areas. We are already discussing this with them because the timetable is economic. We have seen the data.”

“It is not as if they are carrying all the passengers. We are working strongly with them to ensure that they understand how these things work and we will be able to arrange it properly. We have a lot of rush in the morning but again, it can be more organized and that is what we are looking at.”

BASL’s Head of Corporate Communications, Mrs. Ajoke Yinka-Olawuyi cleared that the approval granted her firm to operate regional flight stands, stressing that the company was ready for another round of inspection of facilities by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

The Ministerial Committee on Airport Security in 2016 certified the Murtala Muhammed Airport Two, as fit for the commencement of regional operations.

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“It is not as if the equipment has dilapidated or we start buying new ones. The truth is that the approval stands. One other thing that I need to chip in. If we are allowed to operate this regional flight from our terminal, it will be something that will speak to the world volumes. We are trying to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), yet, the people you partnered with in-house should do PPP since they have approved and agreed to deal with them, you have not done your part as a government. If they want to attract foreign investment, I think they should allow us to operate. The approval we have, let them stand by the agreement and everyone will be happy.”

She stated that allowing regional operations from the terminal would be a game-changer to airlines’ interline hiccups affording many users a seamless travel experience.

Wole Shadare