Atumu: How APG makes travel seamless with over 100 registered airlines

Gloria Atumu is the General Manager of APG Nigeria. It is a travel connection platform that makes travel easier. Speaking to WOLE SHADARE at the APG Day celebration which brought trade partners together, and updated them on APG products, she says the product makes travel seamless

Celebrating APG DAY in Nigeria

We are celebrating APG Day. It is actually a programme of APG celebrated annually on 27 May, organised for all the individual country members to have a forum to interact with each other and trade through various activities. The APG Nigeria team had a jog/Walk around our neighbourhood, and we had an Agency Forum where we interacted with the Agencies and let them know about the various APG products.

Some of them are already registered and using some of the products. We have the APG IET where Air Peace is already operating the GSSA, where we represent TAAG Angola Airlines. For the cargo, we handle United Airlines.

On the APG Platform, which is an NDC tool, we have a lot of agencies that are registered present here with us.  It is on the Platform that we have the Executive Product Director from Paris visiting to appreciate the Nigerian market and to get information and feedback on the product from the market. She will also give training to new agents.

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How does this impact the travel trade because that is what you deal with and you interface with travel agents in relation to what you do?

With the challenge of fund repatriation that we are currently having in Nigeria, APG IET which was very vibrant and doing very well had to stop, we had to close the ticketing authority because of the challenge of repatriating funds. The APG Platform and the APG Connect which is web-based, what the trade now uses with their Credit/Debit card or funding the APG wallet which has helped them to continue issuing tickets and carrying out more transactions without fund repatriation issues affecting them.

Also on the APG IET, we have Air Peace. Air Peace tickets are booked and issued globally, which has enhanced the business positively and given a lot of recognition and profit to the airline.

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What has been the feedback between what you do and the people who came for the training?

A lot of them are impressed. They appreciate APG Director of Product, Heloise Parrain coming all the way from Paris to appreciate the Nigerian market and they are able to interact with her, ask her questions and get more information that normally, they may not be able to do because the training for the Platform is done online. There has not been physical interaction. This is a good opportunity to meet a representative from APG Inc. Paris one on one and get more product information.

How big is the travel market in Nigeria in relation to what you do?

In relation to what we do, most of our services are online. APG is the largest airline representation network in the world and they have been very impressed with the Nigerian market and the response to APG Products. There are still more opportunities for APG products in Nigeria and we are looking out for these opportunities.  APG Nigeria received an award as the Best APG platform Partner in 2022,

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 For the layman APG IET, some won’t understand. Could you please break them down; what is their function, and what do they do?

APG IET, allows the travel agent to issue a wide range of airlines and flight combinations not available on GDS and not available on local BSP and where no interline agreements exist, connecting with all other airlines through APG GP/ 275 as the validating carrier. We have over 100 airlines that are registered on APG IET That connect passengers to their final destination.

Wole Shadare