ATR reaffirms leadership in regional aviation market

  • Announces 29 orders, new engine series at Dubai Airshow
On the occasion of the Dubai Airshow, the world’s number one regional aircraft manufacturer ATR, has once again demonstrated its commitment to setting the pace for regional aviation now and in the future.

With the launch of the new PW127XT engine, ATR confirmed its strategy of offering customers the best value proposition by improving operating economics and sustainability through access to the latest innovations as and when available. Air Corsica, the launch customer of this new engine series, will benefit from a 20% reduction in maintenance costs and a 3% reduction in fuel burn.



Fabrice Vautier, Senior-Vice President Commercial, says: “This year’s show has been very much focused on the future of aviation, with sustainability as a goal. Turboprops are already an essential tool to reach the industry’s net-zero carbon emissions target, whilst bringing further opportunities to connect people and businesses. I am pleased to witness concrete signs of recovery from the market with our order announcements and the conversations we have had during the show. The future trends lead towards more sustainable regional mobility and the ATR family of aircraft is perfectly placed to serve this demand, today and tomorrow.”

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ATR sees strong potential for growth, as ideally suited to adapt to the changing landscape of regional aviation:

  • new behavioural trends emerging from the pandemic, as homeworking and the booming of e-commerce, will drive up demand for regional passenger and cargo aircraft;
  • a replacement wave of over 900 turboprops in the 30-50 seats category will bring further opportunities;
  • isolated communities living near challenging airfields are increasingly asking to benefit from quick and affordable regional travel and associated economic development;
  • passengers from all over the world are looking for more point-to-point connections;
  • and the whole society is calling for aviation to be more sustainable than ever before.
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The ATR aircraft are the optimal and most sustainable choice to serve regional routes at the lowest operating costs for airlines, and ATR’s 29 orders recorded since the beginning of the year are a clear testament.

Orders since the beginning of 2021

Sky Express                6 x ATR 72-600

TAROM                       3 x ATR 72-600
Binter Canarias           4 x ATR 72-600
Air Corsica                  5 x ATR 72-600, launch customer of PW127XT
Undisclosed                5 x ATR 72-600
Afrijet                           3 x ATR 72-600
Japan Air Commuter   1 x ATR 42-600
Undisclosed                2 x ATR 42-600

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Over the last decade, ATR has been holding 75% of the turboprop market and 36% of the overall regional market. This year, the turboprop manufacturer has also reached unique milestones: its 40th anniversary, 1,800 orders, and 1,600 deliveries. In addition, with 16 aircraft delivered so far in 2021, ATR expects to almost triple the number of deliveries compared to 2020

Wole Shadare