APG IET rescinds decision to sell tickets in USD

The APG Interline Electronic Ticketing Agreements (IET) today recalled and canceled the notice it made to its trade partners including travel agencies to issue air tickets in the United States Dollars.

The earlier notice it was learnt led to outrage by travelers and the Nigerian authorities and one that puts enormous pressure on APG and its allies to rescind the decision to sell tickets in Nigeria’s foreign currency.

A fresh notice to its trade partners read in part, “This serves to recall and cancel the notice we sent out yesterday, the 13th April 2022. Kindly disregard the said notice. Sales will be continued in the Nigerian Naira. We regret any confusion the earlier notice may have caused”

Aviation Metric had exclusively reported yesterday that with effect from April 19, 2022, airlines on APG Interline Electronic Ticketing Agreements (IET) GP code 275 would start accepting issuing of tickets in United States Dollars and not Naira.

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This new policy according to the group was caused as a result of the difficulty in repatriating airlines’ huge funds stuck in Nigeria and other countries coupled with foreign exchange

Wole Shadare