Akatugba violated, contravened rule on pick up at MMA2-terminal operator

  • Action best interest of traveling public, BASL explains failed POS transaction

Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operator of Murtala Muhammed Airport 2 (MMA2) has condemned allegations of extortion of money from him by the terminal operator.

A man, Mr. Theophilus Akatugba had posted a viral video accusing BASL of clamping on his vehicle after he violated the ‘no pick-up rule’ that entails no passenger shall be picked up from the drop-off zone.

Akatugba equally accused the towing company, Don Right, a concessionaire to BASL for charging him N32,800 twice after the firm’s Point of Sales (POS) machine did not accept his first penalty charge which forced him to make another payment of N32,800.

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But the Corporate Communications Department of BASL has responded to Akatugba’s claims.

Head, of Aviation Security, MMA2 Bi-Courtney, Monica Oguta in a statement said Akatugba picked up a passenger from the said drop-off zone even though he was cautioned and warned not to do so, thus contravening regulations.

“If we allow passengers to be picked up at the drop-off zone, it will create serious traffic and probably stampede at the terminal. Our actions are in the best interest of the traveling public

“As admitted by the complainant, the implementation of the policy is concessioned out to a company. If the POS failed, it has to be determined where the error came from. Is it from the customer, the Bank, or the concessionaire. If it is from the concessionaire, then the concessionaire will make amends according to the law.”

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Oguta stated that MMA2 strives to maintain a disciplined environment, stressing that it is a well-advertised position in the media, and there are signages within the drop-off zone that you do not pick up passengers in the area.

“We continue to run the best Terminal in Nigeria and will continue to improve our services while expecting all users of the Terminal to comply with law and regulations.”

Wole Shadare


  • <cite class="fn">ABUBAKAR ABARI</cite>

    The BASL should show the world by detailed video recording of the DROP-OFF & PICK-UP AREAS or SECTIONS of the road infront of the Local Airpor terminal.
    How do you have facility for vehicles to drop passengers and no space for picking up passengers.
    At time of the case in question there was there ROAD SIGNS or BILL BOARD showing users what is what SECTIONS of the road is to serviced.

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